Monday, July 7, 2008

My dogs Lacy and Roxie and my cat Whiskers

Lacy is a Brussels Yorkie mix and is very hipper active.
She is only 4 months old and we have only had her for three months.
we got her in the city of Sayre, Oklahoma. To Lacy the cat is her best friend but from the cat Lacy is his worst nightmare. They are always playing.

Whiskers is a very lazy cat. We are always feeding him and changing his litter box.
Lately his life has been changing because of the new dog. We have been letting the cat outside lately and we didn't know that he climbed a tree to the very top so my dad had to climb the tree and carry him down.

Roxie was our main dog until we got Whiskers. She is a mutt lab and is not well mannered. We have been thinking about taking her to training school but we don't know. Roxie has been hiding dog bones on the trampoline so Lacy cant get them. Its hilarious.

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